Thursday, June 21, 2018
المعهد العقاري السعودي

Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) Support

The Saudi Real Estate Institute in cooperation with the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) offers supporting programs for trainees and professional certificate holders, which are as following:

This program aims to empower the national manpower to gain approved professional certificates in miscellaneous career areas required by the Saudi labor market.

The program is intended to upgrade the personnel efficiency in both the government and private sectors, increasing the productivity in the labor market, creating more employment opportunities and promoting the national competencies through the concept of (Development and Succession). Since “HRDF “has a firm belief in the collaboration principle’s role in developing the labor market, the program therefore has been linked to the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Labor & Social Developments with its affiliated firms’ system and the HRDF strategic objectives endeavoring to build strong productive stable national manpower.

In order to efficiently achieve the program’s goals, a survey on the labor market has been conducted, and communication with the greatest business establishments in K.S.A has been made for the purpose of determining the areas which mostly require or need the approved professional career certificates.
Coordination has also been made with the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation for the purposes of verifying and approval of the entities that award the certificates in K.S.A.

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 It is a training unrelated with employment which aims at rehabilitating job seekers through enrolling them in an On-the-job training program at the establishments, in order to enable them to obtain specialized skills and work experience in a specific occupation, and discuss the possibility of employing them in the establishment that provided the training or any other establishment after training them.

The Program is divided into two parts:

1- On- job training subsidy program which aims to improve the candidates’ skills. This program targets the unqualified job seekers who dropped out of public education, students with secondary school certificate holders and below, or bachelor degree holders in non-practical (theoretical) specializations which are not needed in the labor market.

2- The On–job training subsidy program which aims to provide the candidates with an experience. This program targets the qualified job seekers who have the interest or desire to obtain a practical work experience in the field of their specialty.

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This program aims at training & employment of the job seekers, in the uncommon & available specializations in the private sector establishments, in one of the training bodies which are licensed by the technical & vocational training corporation as non-profitable bodies, under work contracts for the private sector with a subsidy given by the HRDF, in accordance with the approved mechanism of subsidy.
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Doroob is a national initiative sponsored by the HRDF in order to meet the Saudi labor market requirements through developing the students, the job seekers and those who are interested in developing their skills and their job level to advanced grades.

Doroob is comprehensive programs since it begins by providing electronic learning courses, in addition to obtaining certificates which are approved and recognized by the most giant companies in K.S.A This will give the priority in the direct employment for the certificates holders.

Moreover, Doroob provides the opportunity of benefiting from On-the –Job training program which provides all its training courses for free (usually these courses cost thousands of Saudi Riyals). The program takes its strength from the big governmental subsidy or support and from the strategic partnerships with the giant companies in the private sector which have confidence in Doroob’s certificate & give the employment priority to Doroob certificates holders.

Doroob program shortens the distance between you and the job, since it provides the sort of training needed to develop career skills; furthermore, it is a training which could easily be obtained at any time or place.

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